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Anki flashcards for the Anglo

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If anyone here uses the flashcard program Anki,* I've created a flashcard deck for learning the Anglo layout.


Right now, it's just for the 30-button Jeffries in C/G. But since I generated it using a script, I could just as easily generate one for a different key or layout. So if you're wanting, say, flashcards for a 40-button Wheatstone in G/D, let me know and I'll make you some. 



* Anki is a... let's say "powerful but nerdy" flashcard program. It does statistics so that when you're struggling with a card, you see it frequently, and when you're consistently getting it right, you just see it every once in a while to jog your memory. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I think anyone who can use this forum can learn to use it just fine.

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