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FOR SALE: 74 Button Hayden/Wicky Duet Concertina by Edward Jay


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I purchased this instrument from Edward Jay earlier this year. You can see the exact instrument on his website and YouTube channel (links below):


http://edwardjay.net/paragraphsView.aspx?siteid=61&headerid=107&siteHeader=Hayden ←(Note layout shown at the bottom of this page)



As Edward's website states, it's a 74 button (40RH + 33LH + Air) Hayden/Wicky Duet Concertina with 8-fold leather bellows and a square frame.


The instrument comes with the case shown in the attached images, and Edward also provided an extra set of green lids with alternative fretwork.


It's a wonderful instrument, perfect condition, and the only reason I am selling is because I actually commissioned another custom instrument from Edward.


For everything shown (instrument, alternate lids, and case) I would like to sell for $4250 USD.


Ideally I am trying to sell to someone also in the United States, but if you are very interested and live elsewhere, please reach out to me and we can discuss.






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57 minutes ago, vpo said:

Wondering how  you’ve found the different end casings have affected the quality of the tone of the instrument?


Edward and I both agree that the alternate green end casings do improve the sound quality of the instrument. The smaller openings produce a slightly sweeter and more crisp sound. Are you interested in purchasing this instrument? Would be great to have for the holidays!

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