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Tobacco Sunburst Aeola

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That's awesome. It looks like it's overheating from playing some really fast tunes.


You can take that thing to a session, and if someone comments on the look you can say, "ooh, yikes, looks like I need to adjust the rods in the reactor core."



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It's beautiful. I'm amused by the idea of it seeming over the top or weird in any way. I mean, I get it that Wheatstone etc. didn't do sunbursts but it seems pretty conservative.

When a friend put a clear head on his banjo I suggested he then install a flashing neon shamrock inside. That's what I call over the top.

He didn't go for it.


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Maybe those good old boys are going to discover the 'tina at last.

Not unless you put herringbone trim on it ! :rolleyes:

Yes, why not? (We've seen gold/brass inlays, mother-of-pearl...).


Come to think of it - a bit on the conservative side, though: why not a black/white purfling/trim? :D

The edges on concertina sides are just as sensitive as the body edges on guitars when it comes to damage.


Right, Bob, we are waiting...



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