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Tanz Tanz Yiddelekh

Gregor Markič

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43 minutes ago, David Barnert said:

Oy!!! You’re still mispronouncing it.


First syllable rhymes with “love.”


My apologies David! Argh, how embarrassing. Unfortunately I doubt I'd do any better on the alternate titles :(

I wish YouTube would give us a way to make small edits to correct stuff like this...

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  • 2 weeks later...

I only just saw this. I think I got the right tune? I've attached:


1) ABC code for 4 arrangements

2) PDF of those arrangements

3) MIDI file for the first of the 4 arrangements


If you are playing an Anglo, and give me details of the tablature you want, I'll give it a go. I usually use the Australian Bush Traditions style of tablature. Any tabs I provide will use left-hand buttons as necessary for the melody, but will not help you much with harmonic accompaniment...



TantzTantzYidelekh.abc TantzTantzYidelekh.pdf

Edited by Roger Hare
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6 minutes ago, Gregor Markič said:

Thanks. Is this what you mean?



No. Sorry. The ninth note in the melody.


From the beginning:


A B C# D E F E D C# <-- That note. Cut it a little short, leaving a little space before the next note (also a C#) without delaying the next note.

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Not quite. You’re syncopating, starting the next note early. This is what I had in mind:




Note the space after that C#, but no change in rhythm.


At the moment I am thousands of miles away from my concertina, so I am recording on my iPhone’s “Voice Memos” app with @Michael Eskin’s concertina app: https://appcordions.com/concertinas/ and stored the sound file in my DropBox.

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