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Miniature Jeffries duet ?


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Tennants auctioneers have. ‘Miniature concertina’ in their next musical instrument sale .


They’ve old me that it’s the same note pushing and pulling, so it’s not an Anglo.


The layout doesn’t look like a miniature English, so I’m pretty sure that it’s a miniature Jeffries duet concertina.


just like the one that came up about 5 years ago and was ruined by then converting it to an Anglo .



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Hi Guys,

The presence of the question mark in the title (Miniature Jeffries duet ?) does not imply that the instrument is of Jeffries make but queries if it is of the duet system devised by Jeffries. 

We are informed each button sounds the same note both bellows direction so we can rule out an Anglo system. 

If we also study the layout of the buttons in relation to the front and back of the 'tina' as suggested by the fretwork pattern (see picture) it is not English system either.


Whilst the nine fold bellows appear to be of professional quality, the end boxes and fretwork do not seem to be the same  and I wonder if this was an amateur attempted conversion from ???  to Jeffries duet or some other/personal system.






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It's just arrived.  It's absolutely tiny. I've attached a photograph comparing to a standard unrestored Lachenal C/G Anglo for comparison. It has a double guided rivet style action and steel reeds. It's not playable at the moment and I won't get chance to check the tunings for a few weeks or so.  I'll try and post some more details and pics as soon as I get chance.


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