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Special Ebony ended Pinhole Aeola for sale


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I just noticed this pinhole Aeola for sale at ebay:


It used to be mine and has a long story:

I first saw it on ebay some 12 years ago offered in Victoria /  Canada.

So I bought it and took a boat across to pick it up ( during a trip to the US ).

It had been restored by Bob Tedrow, but still had it's original 4-fold bellows.

I wanted to give it a fair chance as a top instument, so I had it restored a second time by David Robertson, who repolished the ends and fine-tuned it.

Next I had seven-fold bellows made for it by Mark Loyd-Adey.

The action is low and extra-light.

Now it is a quite unique instrument with enough bellows-volume for full-hand playing and the typical ultra soft and quiet sound of the pinhole Aeola.

A few years ago I parted with the instrument - and it's even rarer big brother, a pinhole baritone...

Here now is a chance to aquire this very special early Aeola in exceptional condition at budget-price - from a top concertina-player!




PS: Since all Wheatstone concertinas were made on the same jigs, I was able to swap the ends of the pin-hole with a Model 22, which now turned into a screamer!

Which proved that the sound of concertinas depends on the quality of the reeds and the fretwork...




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It  is  almost  50  years  since  I  was  out  for  a walk  one  Saturday morning  and bought  one of  these  Pin hole Aeolas  for  £9  in  a  pawn shop  in  South East London.  Since  then  I  have  always  had  a  great  liking  for Wheastones  of  this  period... I'm  guessing  it  will have a serial number  in the 22, 000 or 23,000's  .

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