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White Aeola BT Concertina


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Did Wheatstone ever make white concertinas?  I'm curious about this one... 


I've seen photos of gold, red and even yellow ones over the years...  Please examine the photos. 


This is an early 20s Aeola English Baritone Treble.  It appears to be a 56 key model 14 but there is no model number in the ledger, only "N.P. octo Bar Treb".  In my limited experience this would possibly make it a "special" but nothing seems to be unusual. 


Than I thought about the finish... I've never seen an undercoating like this before as can be seen where the finish is worn through and this appears to be factory original... could this BT possibly have been white originally then later redone over in black?  Interesting! 


Bellows is black all the way through and nearly perfect so it could have possibly been changed from white to black at one point in the last 100 years.







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