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Jeffries C/G Anglo For Sale

Mike Harding

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I have a Jeffries C/G Anglo for sale. This is what Theo Gibb said about it when he serviced it a few years back (It hasn't been out of the box since)


"Jeffries 45 key CG anglo, marked "C Jeffries Maker" in oval cartouche on right side.  Probably made around 1900 give or take a few years.  It is a typical 45 key Jeffries model with steel reeds, riveted action and tuned to concert pitch.  Metal ends and buttons. The bellows are old but not original and though they work fine ATM they would cost about £600 to be replaced. It has recently been serviced with new valves, tuning to concert pitch, new end bushings, and reed pan adjustments."


I'm selling it because I'm working on my mandolins and banjos from now on.

It comes with a good flight case. I'd like to to go to an Irish musician if possible - I'll be over in the next few weeks or so and this would avoid customs and other daft paperwork.

I was asking £6,500 for it but, even thought the bellows work fine now, I'd want to replace them with a Jeffries set if I was the buyer - so I'll knock £500 off for that. I'm happy ro deliver if needed.

Jeffries 1.jpg

Jeffries 2.jpg

Jeffries 3.jpg

Jeffries 4.jpg

Note Chart Mono.jpg

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