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Replacing a reed on a cheap concertina

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Hi all,


while learning my Elise Duet I managed to get for 50€ an used cheap anglo 30-keys (the one from Gear4music) 'cause I wanted to try the system and to have something to play while sailing on the river with friends. I noticed after some time that one of the right-hand reeds broke (C5), first button in middle line push, and I was wondering how to replace it.


I'm buying the book "The Concertina Maintenance Manual" to challenge myself with some repairs and cleaning. Can anyone here help me recognize this types of reeds and/or have any suggestions for the task? if these are accordion reeds I was thinking of asking https://www.vociarmoniche.it/en for a single reed in tune - Idk if they provide this service but it's worth asking maybe.


any help is welcomed, thank you all in advance 


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These are (cheap Chinese) accordion reeds held in with accordion wax. 


Since you live in Italy, take it to an accordion repair shop and explain what you want.  They will almost certainly have a spare reed that will work for you, wax it back in and then fine tune it in place.


Dave Elliott's  repair manual does not cover accordion reeds. 


BTW. your Elise also has accordion reeds but these are held in with screws instead of wax.

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