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Fix For Cheap Concertina

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I'm a beginning player. I've got a cheap 30button CG anglo. I think the brand name is Parrot. Anyway, two of my buttons on the right side will not play while pulling out. Sometimes I get a very tiny, high-pitched sound. Also, air won't flow through them (only pulling out). They play fine pushing in.

I'm sure its a simple problem but I have no idea what I'm doing so I though I'd ask before I broke it permenantly. Could someone help me out. I need to get practicing again. :)

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Hi Frank,

Have you tried placing a crisp dollar bill under the corresponding reed untill it reaches the back of the reed. Do it carefully and it will clean out any foriegn substance that might be inhibiting the reed movement. I'm surprised that nobody else has responded unless they did so directly. Good luck. Howie

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