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Small workshop output


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My interest is the approximate annual output of a small concertina business c.1880. Either a sole maker or a maker employing 1 assistant.


Understandably there will be variables that influence output. Are we able to give a range for makers based on serial numbers with known dates?

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As a restorer, given an appreciation for the nature and amount of work involved in a concertina, my guess would be about 1 instrument per month (maximum 2) for a sole maker (maker and assistant possibly 3-5 every 2 months).

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Hi Mendipman, as replies may be few, I offer the attached based on the only existing Crabb handwritten records for the period, Sept 1889 to Dec 1895 that may be of interest. As these records include prices they may be sales records but I think they also give an acceptable indication of output.


Crabb Output.docx




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