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Tort Shell laminate red glue

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Does anyone know what type of reddish glue Wheatstone used to glue on their shell / tortoiseshell laminate?  It's interesting that the reddish color of the tort on this mid 30s Aeola is actually caused by the red glue coloring the underside of the clear parts of the laminate.  Any thoughts on reproducing this thick colored glue mixture?




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Seems to be hide glue mixed with a red dye. 


It's interesting to see how different torts look.  I am not a big fan of this red look but my wife loves it!  I am 90% sure that this one is not hawksbill turtle shell but it was a challenge to tell the difference (I have some genuine hawksbill to compare it with).  Even burn test was not conclusive.  It "somewhat" smelled like hair but not as strong and smoldered, rather than melted similar to real shell...  close to real shell but not conclusive either way. The real turtle shell has a very strong burnt hair smell but this one didn't smell like plastic, unless maybe Bakelite, thermosetting plastic.  Next test is under the microscope as real tort pigment looks like tiny dots.

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