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Jones 30k Anglo 28064 in A/E

Mike Jones

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George Jones 30 button Anglo, Number 28064


Purchased in 2018 as a project and eventually to be a backup for my main squeeze. As no tuning was given I assumed it was a C/G. This was wrong, its A/E where A:432


Stamped inside on both reed pans “George Jones, Maker, Commercial Rd E”. Very late period model. Reeds seem untouched and very robust. No box on purchase. Arrived in an old shoe box. Played, did not appear to leak, several reeds were not sounding properly and one not sounding on RHS. Needed tuning, replacement valves, pads, dampers, bellows patches, etc, and cleaning. LHS end damaged and needed new woods inserting.


Given the tuning, I have contemplated, since purchase, of retuning it to G/D or Aflat/Eflat but I already have two other anglos in G/D and another A/E and as it sounds so good I am reluctant to do any more work. I think it best it goes to a player who wants/needs an A/E as really I have very little use for such an instrument in this tuning. I have also been told I have too many concertinas and must get rid of a few. As if 24 was too many!



Number: 28064 (highest number Jones I have been able to identify)

Ends: Rosewood

Tuning: A/E old pitch A=432

Buttons: bone, domed tops

Bellows: 6 fold black leather, Cross and dot end papers (stained and dirty)

Date: early 20th Century, 1905? (George Jones retired in 1899 and left the firm to his sons, the company closed in 1905.


Work Done:

  1. Two new bushes replaced in RHS button x-holes and one damper on LHS,

  2. Debris stuck in valves and reeds removed from LHS so reeds now sound and valve removed on high RHS reed and it now sounds.

  3. Hand straps replaced.

  4. Leather treated and polished, rechecked the tuning, definitely A432.

  5. Lovely tone and low LHS notes vibrate on RHS. Still to do:

  6. Pads and valves replaced and a small bellows internal repair patch, plus external bellows patches on some corners and general cleaning.

  7. Replacement case/box purchased with working lock and key

  8. David Elliott appraised this instrument for me in 2019 just before COVID hit, he thinks it is OK. Good action and sound. The brass shoes are marked for a C/G but with broad reeds designed and fitted for old pitch A/E, thus lots of solder on the lower reeds.


Other then the above I have done minimal work to this concertina but still enjoy playing it once in a while as a contrast to tunes in C/G/D. Mellow and low, easy action, can play quietly, Playing notes loudly below C3 causes other notes on both sides to vibrate in sympathy. Lovely!


I'm asking £750 for it, which I regard as well below its true value but will also allow the new owner to have some work done if they wish and still keep it relatively inexpensive to buy and own. Uk buyers only please, I don't want to be bothered with UK customs, form filling or any other bureaucracy.


I have some photographs but as they exceed 3.5Mb each, are too large to download to C.net even compressed. So, if you are interested, send me a PM with your email address and I'll undertake to send the photos to you.

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I am interested, can I see pics please?


Oops, just re-read your post. I am in the states. I guess I'm interested if you are willing to ship.

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Missed detail in original post
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John Sylte: I'll send some photos to you in a personal message.


Mike Acott: I think Paul McA was confused as I recieved an email from him. Paul and I have corresponded before just as COVID took over, about  him purchasing a concertina from me but nothing eventually came of it.


MIke Jones

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