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I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marbled Halls


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Does anyone happen to know where I can find the music to this?

It's a song from Michael W. Balfe's 1843 opera "Bohemian Girl", and is also (properly?) known as "The Gipsy Girl's Dream".


There's an mp3 here; no words.


This has lyrics and a recording you can play (apparently no download) of a segment from Enya's recording of the song. Also some background information.


This has lyrics and an obnoxious (IMO) midi file, but it led me to...


This, which has three different copies of the sheet music (the other 6 hits are on other songs from the same opera).


Enjoy! :)


Edited to add: The song has been recorded by, among others, Enya and Dame Joan Sutherland. Perhaps your local library has one of those CD's, or even a copy -- printed or recorded -- of the entire opera?

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Thank you both, this is just what I was looking for. The Enya version is the only recording I have heard, but it seems very consistant with the sheet music, doesn't it?


I wanted it so that I could try to convince my girl friend to sing it . . . while I back her up on my concertina. She has such a sweet voice.


I'll have to probablly change the key, but I have Finale Notepad now, so it should be easy.


Thank you thank you.


Russell Hedges

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I wanted it so that I could try to convince my girl friend to sing it . . .

You must think she's really a princess. :)


Well, I think that she really does have a pretty voice. And the tune is really sweet. And it's 19th century origin suits me.


I thought I could get her interested in the piano, but no luck. She likes to sing, so I thought of this. Enya sings this song up where Lynn (the girlfrind I was speaking of) sings. It should be in her range as-is.


I would also like to have a nice, slow waltz for cross-step waltz, too. This is very slow, isn't it?


I guess that she isn't REALLY a princess, but that I should treat her like one anyway. Her happiness is important, but I would also like to draw her into some of the things I like to do. Maybe she'll sing with me.


Russell Hedges

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