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Dickinson Wheatstone 36 key English concertina - SOLD

March Hare

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For Sale:

Dickinson Wheatstone 36 key treble English concertina number 60024.

Steel reeds, concert pitch, recently re-valved and fine-tuned by Concertinas UK.

Excellent condition.  £1650 plus £20 carriage (UK only)

For further information see the Concertina Museum Collection Ref:C-114, and the Concertina Doctor 7th April 2022.


It is a lovely instrument, the sound is full and rich but not at all harsh.  Great feel and action, it is the most comfortable and user-friendly EC I have ever played, with all the notes that I use and without the high ones that I don’t.  The images show that the condition is great, with hardly a blemish, and the bellows have no scuffing or wear and still have the smell of new leather.  It has metal ends, and the wooden frames are rippled oak veneer.


Range is from the usual low G3 up to D6 (2 octaves and a fifth).  No low G sharp on the RHS so no key for a low F (but there is of course a low A flat on the LHS).  It has fittings for wrist straps.


I bought it last year because it was a rare chance to own a concertina from one of the great modern makers and it has been a joy.  The folk clubs closed during lockdown so I worked on some solo Bach - and it is ideal for that.  Now that I can sing out again I will go back to a Lachenal that I have sung with for nearly four decades. The Dickinson is just too good to have as a spare on the shelf - that would be a crime.


I live in East Devon, and will, of course, donate to cnet if it sells from this site.


(Sound files to post, below).







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5 hours ago, March Hare said:

Plenty Irwin


Don’t you just love Auto-correct?


Interesting that it’s fulcrum action (like my Dickinson/Wheatstone Hayden, #60082) rather than riveted action like most of Steve’s later instruments.


Are you by chance  a cellist (judging from the Bach selections)?

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Wow! Very nice!  Fretwork reminds me somewhat of the early Aeola dot and coma pattern.  Any idea what this pattern is called?  Very appealing. Interesting to see how the reeds are screwed down instead of slid into slots. Very nice!

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Ah yes - sorry - Planxty Irwin (as you all know).

Lapsed viola player - same tuning as cello.

Thank you Wolf - working at the Bach was a lockdown project.  Bach solo cello on EC deserves a new thread - (perhaps there already is one). 


And thanks for all the positive comments - it is a lovely concertina.

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