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Taking New Students On The EC

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For anyone interested in learning to play or improve their playing on the English Concertina, I have a few slots open for new students.

I'm located on the east coast in the US. I have students across the pond and all around the US and Canada. I teach via Zoom.

All lessons are crafted to benefit your individual need and improvement in bellow control, fingering technique, and playing abilities. I supply pdfs of all music.

If interested ping me and we'll start a conversation. 

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First, I couldn't figure out how to send you a private message so I've resorted to replying to your post. 

Second, yes, my name is also Randy Stine and I'm interested in learning the EC.

I found your Montage on YouTube as I've been researching squeezeboxes.  I was very much struck by the difference in the sound produced from you EC and all the others I've seen on YT. Why does it sound like you're playing a full blown accordion when other ECs I've heard sound like an harmonica? I'm sure it's a combination of quality instruments, experience, and talent, but the difference was striking. 

Lastly, what advice can you give me to start off finding an affordable, quality beginner EC? 


Randy Stine 

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