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"The King Street Sessions Tunebook" "Live' Incipits PDF Released!

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With the permission and blessing of Michael D. Long, author of the very popular "The King Street Sessions Tunebook" (over 1000 tunes, grouped by style), I've released a "live" incipits PDF tunebook version using my ABC Transcription Tool. 


The "live" incipits tunebook PDF shows the first line of every tune in the original tunebook, and you can play any tune (opens in the ABC Transcription Tools) by clicking on the tune title.


On the second page of the incipits tunebook PDF there are links that take you directly to the starting page of each common tune style.

Demo Video:



Download your free copy of the incipits tunebook PDF at: 




Download the original full "The King Street Sessions Tunebook" PDF at:


Try my free ABC Transcription Tools:




User Guide:



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In coordination with Michael Long, tonight I released many exciting new versions of "The King Street Sessions Tunebook"!

For those who read standard notation, there is now available both an interactive version of the tunebook with full notation for all the tunes as well as a version with just first-staff incipits.
Both are fully indexed and will play the tune using my ABC Transcription Tools if you click on the title of any tune.

There are also multiple tablature versions of the book, but that's probably not of interest to concertina players, but check them out if you might find them useful.
Download your copies of these new tunebooks by visiting:


Walkthrough video on the full notation Interactive tunebook:

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Slightly technical, but hopefully not too complicated.

Here's how to change the default instruments used when playing any of my Interactive PDF tunebooks:


Demo uses the whistle tab Interactive PDF tunebook as an example.

This information is also on my tunebooks page:

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