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can someone help me?


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It looks like a Lachenal 48 button treble English, in need of some restoration work. Value depends a lot on condition and whether it has brass or steel reeds, but if it's not too bad internally it might be worth around £200-250 in its current state.

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43 minutes ago, Leanne said:

How would i go about checking to see if its brass or steel?


Remove the six bolts around the edge of one end. Keep track of which bolt came from which hole, because you may have trouble putting the wrong one back in the wrong hole. Carefully lift the end off. It may stick, but there should be nothing else holding it in place. You should now be able to see many of the reeds. They are the rectangular tongues screwed into the oblong (or rectangular) frames. Don’t mess with the screws. This is a steel reed in a brass frame:




Brass has a yellowish color, steel silvery.


When you put it back together, make sure the end goes on the same way it came off (parallel to the other end), replace the bolts in the same holes they came out of, put all six of them in a few turns loosely at first, then tighten them “finger tight” but not consecutively (skip one or two as you go around until all are tightened).


46 minutes ago, Leanne said:

also, how would i go about dating it?


Ask in this thread (it’s a long thread, find your way to the end of it first):



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1 hour ago, Leonard said:

And now you have a serial number.

Is it  52783?


We’d need a closer look. I blew it up, but there’s not enough resolution. The first digit looks more like a 6 but might be a 5. The 2nd could be an 8. The middle one is certainly a 7. And either of the last two could be a 3 or an 8.

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The highest number so far reported for an English system (ignoring one stamping mistake) is around 60,500 so I'd suggest that the first digit is 5. The second digit looks like a 2 to me (sorry Dave!).  If its 52xxx we'd estimate it was made circa 1911, so would probably have steel reeds.

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16 hours ago, Leanne said:



I manage a charity shop and we have had a concertina donated, and would just like some help in pricing it if possible?


thanks so much!


Leanne xx


Perhaps you could consider putting it on the Buy & Sell forum?

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4 hours ago, Leanne said:

would you guys have any idea how old it is? should i put on ebay for 200?


Like Wes Williams already said, our best estimate is 1911, in which case it's a model No. 4 as listed in their (nearest) circa 1905 Price List, and would have been made with brass reeds, or "The Popular" model as listed in their (post-WW1) circa 1920 Price List, which would have been made with steel reeds.


The instrument is a relatively basic one, and evidently needs repairs/restoration, so I'd suggest starting it at £100 and letting the market decide the final price.


Best of luck with it!

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