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37 key C/G Jeffries for sale


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I’m finally selling my C / G 37 key Jeffries Brothers Anglo. I bought it off Steve Chambers more than 35 years ago in Milltown Malbay during the Willy Clancy week. According to Steve it started live as a 30 key C. Jeffries and was later converted to 37 key by Jeffries brothers. To me it is best of both worlds: the reeds and heavy reed-pans of C. Jeffries and the nice domed ends with special symmetrical fretwork and huge seven-fold bellows of the later era. At the time during restoration Steve asked me, if I wanted Jeffries or black papers. As I don’t like fancy papers it turned out all black… It is a heavy and very loud instrument, but with a special sound due to the rather closed fretwork!? As I mainly play English system it has hardly been played. It is in concert-pitch and the bellows are great, but somewhere is a small leak ( air-valve?? ). The action-board has a fixed crack. It lives in the North of Germany. As it is quite a special instrument, I would prefer cash and carry but open to offers...





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