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Don't forget the manual skills

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The other week I went to an opening event (called Bloom) at my York art gallery (UK)... Very well attended,but by the way of this event, I wanted to have a brochure to keep to remember the visit. The person at reception looked bemused by request; it seemed that physical documents are becoming more rare these days. And so there is on this case little documentation to leave behind ( apart from the artworks).

It also relevent to all art forms; that not only printed documents, or indeed manuscripts, the hand skills are also  becoming less used and practiced, in favour of overly dependence on electronic means ( I believe).

I use technology a lot too, but have not relinquished the hands on skills because a lot can be gained by mind, to eye, to hand in application to the page of any creative idea.

When you combine technology with hand skills, and practical knowledge gained from actual physical experience, then you can achieve so much; but not at the expense of total abandonment of the physical process of an art form.

Whatever marvels one can achieve these days in technology, it cannot ( to me) beat the physical manifestation of an original document scribed down at the onset by hand, and effort, on the page; complete with smudges, stains, tears, and passion of the creative original mind.


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