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Wheatstone 48 key treble - raised metal ends - model 22


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*** I've decided to keep it ***


I am offering my model 22 for sale.


3800 CAD

2900 USD

2600 GBP


Free shipping within Canada and Lower 48 is included.  No reasonable offer refused.


Wheatstone Model 22 raised metal ends treble 48 button concertina - professionally restored and tuned to A440 concert pitch. Built in approximately 1904.


Professionally restored: new pads, valves, springs, felts, end seals, thumb straps, etc. Air flows were adjusted. Untouched reeds voiced and tuned. Nickel ends were re-plated and an original new-old-stock maker’s badge was supplied by Steve Dickinson of Wheatstone, England to make it perfect and complete again.


The model 22 is a unique Wheatstone model featuring short action built for fast speed, small reed chambers for fast response and loud volume, and a tone that fits perfectly into a loud session.


This concertina is designed to be played fast and to be heard.


Photos and sound recording available upon request.  PM me.


*** I've decided to keep it for a while longer ***

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hello 4to5to6 you know I like the concertina but I live in Barcelona-Spain, I imagine that the shipping will not be cheap, you could find out if we can reach an agreement to make the purchase possible, thank you I will be attentive to any proposal, thank you.

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On 7/2/2023 at 5:32 PM, juan jose said:

By the way, the number 8031 is from the concertina or what is the serial number of the concertina to look at it in the Wheatstone books, I want to be sure of what I bought.

I think that is the stock number at the dealer.

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