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Other instruments similar to EC?

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I've had a Hugh Tracy kalimba since around 1982.  


I enjoyed its sound, and enjoyed playing it when I first got it, but it has only been dusted off and left aside for 30 years. 


It called to me yesterday so I dusted it off yet again, did some tuning, and then spent 3 hours playing around on it.


I was amazed at how much more sense the layout made now that I've been playing EC, than it did when I first bought and played it!  


I have read about an Asian harp that was made of a bamboo tube that had notes that alternated back and forth like an EC; and also just saw a zither type instrument that had the same note set-up (scale goes from left to right).


This leads me to the question I have for all of you:


Do you know of any other instruments that have their scales set up this way?


Also, if you happen to know the name of the bamboo tube Asian harp I'm talking about please let me know what its name is!




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