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Early 38 Key English

Robin Madge

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quote=Stephen Chambers,Jul 21 2005, 12:37 PM]


I just looked it up in the ledgers and found that it was originally bought by a Mrs. Wayne. It wasn't signed "Neil" by any chance ?  :blink: 


Mind you, it was on 2nd October 1843, and I don't think he's that old !  :huh:





Neil Wayne couldn't resist Mrs. Waynes concertina. It now resides in Belper.

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Knowing the antique dealers in Ely, the price was probably hiked for the festival. I've bought 2 slightly dodge east german (complete with rose-patterned wall-paper trim) anglos (C/G and D/A flat-ish) from one of the dealers that cost £20 each and convinced me that I really could get a tune out of them!

Next time I'm in town I'll see if the Wheatstone is still available and what the 'normal' price is.


Shame I didn't know you were in Ely Festival, Robin - I'd have got you a pint. I was with the morris men outside the beer tent. :D

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