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An update after trawling through the internet I've found this...

Traded under “Butler’s Musical Instruments”.

The Evening Freeman advertisement of 15 January 1869 states that Butler's 'Manufactory' was in Haymarket London and the 'Branch Establishment' was at 11 Essex Quay, Dublin.

His sons James Bernard John Edward Butler, George Patrick Butler, and Thomas Aloysius Butler worked with him in Dublin as musical instrument makers and on his death in 1870, he was likely succeeded in business in Dublin by George Patrick (Staszynski).


Select Product/Work List: 


  • ‘Butler’s Cornets and Saxhorns, Butler’s Flutes and Flageolets, Butler’s Clarionets and Oboes, Butler’s Drums and Fifes, Butler’s Violins and Banjos, Butler’s Concertinas, English and German. Butler’s Harmoniums and Musical Instruments of every description are in use in all parts of the kingdom and colonies, giving universal satisfaction.’ (Irish Times, 1869
  • "It seems that the company ceased trading in the early 1920s"

I have a concertina either made by or retailed under this companies name.

Thanks Ian

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On 5/31/2023 at 3:16 PM, ian goldson said:

Does anyone have any knowledge of a maker or seller called Butler address is/was Haymarket London.


If you simply want to date your Anglo, it's most likely to have been made by Lachenal (which a photograph should confirm) and, if it is, we can give you a very good estimate of the year if you provide us with the serial number.


But George Butler, and his family, had already left Dublin by 1833 and thereafter made instruments in London - NOT Dublin. Hence their Dublin retail premises being described as a 'Branch Establishment'.


I've done some detailed genealogical research on the family, if you want to know more about them.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Knowing the gifted technician who polished it, I've just bought unseen in Nova Scotia a Butler English in excellent nick and original box made in 1904.  I won't have it for several days, but in details and fittings it looks nothing like my Lachenal English (1889) or my Lach Anglos of roughly Late-Victorian-Edwardian date. The thumb strap is distinctive, as is the rail. The case is also unlike the Lach/Crabb cases I have, inside and out. The mahogany ends and coloured ivory buttons also look a little bit artisanal. The seller is a piper and sounded it a bit for me, and my guess is that it isn't a Lachenal though it sounds brilliant. If I glean anything on the Butlers from it I'll be sure to pass on the information. All the best.

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