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Sight-reading, Higher Octave Too?

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Are there any collections (or even rare instances) of written tunes or arrangements that include the tune notation in two separate octaves? Like, 'normal' and also the octave above.


 I play the English concertina and sometimes the written music is low, so I want a (same key) higher version as well. 


Yes, I can play by ear, and I often do, but sight-reading is just a different, other option. Could change the key, yes, but no…not if I'm sight-reading.


I could play the written notes 8va, yes, sort of…but I'd rather actually be seeing the higher octave notation. At least while still learning a song.


So I am transcribing some things, using ABC (ZapsABC). Good exercise, not bad to do. But if there's already stuff out there…where? 


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I spend hours transcribing and taking music into other key tones ( by hand!).. which takes patience and an eye for detail.

I am sure you will either find a publication somewhere that has tunes presented in different ranges, or you may have to do the work by yourself ( possibly not by hand though).

Best of luck in the excersise in meantime.🌝🌝 And anyway, once you transpose the music you like.. then it's there for as long as you want to play it.

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