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A Dawg With 30 Legs.. And A Couple Screws Loose..


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Needs a little work but is priced accordingly.. (see pix in the buy/sell section).


some of thse things need to find other homes.


One hundred dollars including shipping in the USA.



Missing two screws and needs buttons realinged. probably needs valves in a couple spots too. I had started but ended up with too heavy a tubing, intact otherwise, bellows VERY good.


Says "Made in Italy" only, no makers label.





Lloyd McDaniel


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Hi Chris and all.. Yeah I'm still kickin', haven't been doing much squeezing since we moved up here into the Florida Panhandle, been caring for my Mom in her declining times...


Wish I could fine ONE person to work with.. it's bloody hard alone. I was never that musical to start with and I know, KNOW all I'm doing is building bad habits.


so.. there are odds and ends that will show here for new homes.








Welcome Unca! Long time no see.



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