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Concertina Reeded English Miniatures

Dave Weinstein

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:) Hi Dave,


In the last year or so there have been two or three (memory is going) miniature Wheatstone Englishes on eBay. The first went for the most money and I think the final price was around $1,500. The others did not bid up as much with the prices stalling around $900-$1,000.


It used to be that miniatures brought as much as full size 48 button models, but I don't think the market rewards them as much these days. And good 48 button English Wheatstones prices are moving up into the same territory as their anglos $2.8k to $3k+. This is supported by recent advertised prices on the Button Box site.



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The last couple we had took about year to sell. Both were metal ended Wheatstones, I think with 18-keys. From what I remember, they were in great shape (we went over them completely) and had very good cases. The last one went for $1300. I guess that they are/were not popular items?

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