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C. Jeffries 45 key Bb/F Anglo


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For sale my 45 key C.Jeffries Bb/F anglo concertina. It is a bit unusual in being a 45 key model that is only 6 inches across the flats and as such is quite a bit lighter than some of the other 45+ instruments I've seen (and had). It tips the scales at 1.5kg, around half a kilo lighter than the bigger 45 key models, which makes it easier to handle and to my mind, very responsive.  It is a plain, flat metal ended instrument in very good condition with replacement 7 fold bellows and unadorned handstraps.  It is marked 'C. Jeffries maker 'between the left-hand buttons and 'C. Jeffries maker' on the cartouche on the right-hand end. It also has this stamped very finely on the woodwork adjacent to the brass gnurled screw securing the left-hand handstrap.


It's in fine playing condition with a lovely strong,rich tone, which Jeffries reeds and Bb tuning give and it is in modern concert pitch with good compression and no leaks or playing problems.


It comes with a modern hardcase or a fine Jeffries hexagonal leather case with hinge, handle and clasp all working and intact - your choice.


Price £ 4875 to include delivery

No international enquiries please, UK buyer only. Instrument in Devon UK

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