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Didie's wicki hayden concertina

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This may be a case of "imprinting":  The first concertina videos I listened to on Youtube were of Soloduet on his Wicki Hayden concertina.  That particular sound has embedded in my brain as the ideal.  I realize that what I hear is partially a product of soloduet's wonderful performance strengths and of the microphones he uses, sound processing, etc.  Still, I have to ask, what is that concertina make and specs?  Thanks for any help you can provide.

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The Beaumont is an accordion-reeded hybrid. All the Morse-branded instruments sound something like that, and the lower the tuning, the more accordion-like they sound. Depending what sort of concertina you want to start with, you can probably find a used Morse Ceili (their Anglo) pretty easily, and I know there are some Beaumonts floating around out there too.


The intermediate-level Concertina Connection instruments are also hybrids and sound similar. They make a 42-key Hayden in addition to their Anglo and English models.


Here's a sample:


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