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"fretwork" On The Sides?

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There's a Topic I rediscovered a couple of weeks ago, and I would like to add something to that thread.

Ah, I found it (thanks for the emailed helpful hints), and I think the subject really belongs in this Construction & Repair subForum. So, this new Topic.


The post I was hunting for was this one by Theo:

little bit of fretwork in the sides of some of the higher grades of Lachenal, like my ebony-ended 30-key.
Which may be similar to the ivory-edged instrument I put up for discussion on another thread. Stephen, I'd like to see a pic of your ebony Lachenal for comparison.


There is also this Wheatstone Aeola 62 key Mccann duet. Serial number 25350, of which I have the two end, but nothing else. The piercing goes round most of the 8 sides.

To this I add the following views of slotted sides on a Lachenal New Model Maccann duet:

post-13-1121422799_thumb.jpg post-13-1121422845_thumb.jpg


It's more simply constructed than Theo's example, as can be seen in these "open" views:

post-13-1121422950_thumb.jpg post-13-1121422991_thumb.jpg

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