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Lachenal Anglo C/G


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I am asked to offer a Mahogany 30+1 Lachenal anglo in C/G for sale on behalf of a lady who brought it to me for a couple of minor repairs. The instrument dates to approximately 1898 (serial number 159689) and is in great condition. The bellows are sound and appear original, as do the pads and springs. Valves have been replaced at some point and the instrument re-tuned to A=440Hz and the steel reeds are all free from rust or signs of pitting. The instrument is located in Western Australia.


The issues I dealt with: replace one valve, re-bush one lever arm socket and stabilise two minor action board cracks.


Not being an anglo player, I hesitate to describe it’s playing characteristics, but all reeds voice and there doesn’t seem to any hesitation. 


The instrument passed through Friedman’s Music Shop in New Jersey at some point in it’s history (dealer’s label on action box).


I am happy to share my inspection report with prospective buyers and have more photos of detail. Please PM me if interested.


The seller is asking AU$2500.






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