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I recently purchased a concertina at a antique shop. Its in good condition and have learned it is a 20 Button Scholer. 
so i started using youtube to learn some scales. However I went to look up a finger chart and after a loooooong search came to realize its tuned to D/A. I found a chart for the left hand but cant find a chart for the right hand. 
i also noticed on the youtube videos he is playing G/C. 
Id like to keep playing the one I have, its really just for my self but cant find any resources for it being D/A. 
its been YEARS since ive done some theory (8 yr marching band kid here who also pipes) but can i just keep learning aside the G/C videos? Also, and sources to find the finger chart for the right hand? 

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If you're playing alone. Pretend it's CG.  The tunes will work with the same fingering, but will be transposed from C or G to D or A.  Anglo is often played as a transposing instrument in this way.

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Yes Mikfule is right, often 20 key fingering or notes is similar in different keys, (just the key names like A, and D major it is maybe in, will be he differences on the page.

I used to play my own 20 key in C and G , years back, and often played other pieces in other acommodating keys and it still worked, it just meant you had to be aware your music was perhaps a tone lower or higher; but the button and fingering was mostly the same.

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