Hello, I have discovered this Tanzbar Player Concertina instrument in my Grandmother's attic. I found little information on this. I do not know how to play it although I found it does work. The unit consists of a concertina with reeds. The instrument is operated by perforated paper rolls measuring 4 3|8" wide. 15 rolls alltoghther. Measures 15X9X11" 38X23X28 cm. I would say the condition is fair. The box it came in is very fragle, as it sat in the attic for years. Still closes fine. I am thinking it was made in 1920. Make with Walnut inlaid sections. Rolls: NO. 1157 In The Good Old Summertime~ Waltz~George Evans NO. 1155 Where the river shannon flows~ James I. Russel NO. 1151 Dill Pickles ~ Chas Johnson NO. 1181 College Life~ March and Two-Step~ Henry Frantzen NO. 1163 Blaze-Away~ March and two-Step~ Abe Holzmann NO. 1464 Dardanella~ Felix Bernard & S. Black NO. 1455 I wanna go where you go, Do what you do Then I'll be happy~Cliff Friend NO. 1136 Under the Double Eagle~ March~ J. F. Wagner NO. 1133 Happy Heine~ Two-Step and March~Bodewalt Lampe NO. 1044 The American Patrol~ A. B. Crayburg (can't hardly read this one not sure if it is correct) NO.1007 Caralleria Rusticana~ Inermezzo (not sure about this one either!) And the other 4 rolls I can not read at all. The paper lable has been removed. Any offers or information would be greatly apprieciated!