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Wood suggestion for bandoneon top

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HI folks - I'm making a new box for my Fratelli Crosio chromatic bandoneon - the original is gold sparkle celluloid but it's otherwise a fine instrument. I thought about spraying it but it seems better to make something new with my own scrollwork design, etc. 


I've been working with random plywood 1/8" or so for the prototypes but I might go with a nicer wood for the finished item. Plywood would be okay though, and I will try to stay away from the really unsustainable woods. I plan to go with a natural light finish rather than the traditional black lacquer. 

Any suggestions for wood that will stain up really nicely? 

Thanks Paul, Victoria Canada

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Sounds a very interesting project; I will be making my own wooden box soon to store an instrument within, [ although not as a musical instrument in itself]  .. and I will be using plywood [9mm thick] and have large selection of veneers to use.  I will be using Sapele Mahogany for main veneer, [ a lovely red wood with neutral fine pattern] and inside a lovely yellow golden Satin wood veneer [ which I am lucky to still have] .  It is yellow colour, and very nice to look at.. The satin wood will be inside my box; and contact adhesive applied for instant bonding, whilst exterior will be wood glue applied, by hand [with design on it]. I have had strips of these for a couple of decades awaiting use again.  Many years ago I made a sort of zither with exotic veneer on it. And you may have to ensure the sound is not affected by too thick a covering, although I am sure it won't affect accordion instruments [ in my view] my late father's accordion [ I still use] has its original red plastic effect still intact.

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