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Remarkably original treble Aeola

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When I buy an Aeola that's more than a century old, the first thing I usually do is to strip out and throw away all the original pads, valves and bushes. Not this time.


The condition was so fine and original that I decided conservation rather than restoration should be the approach. The pads were perfectly serviceable, with no sign of the usual insect damage, so I have left well alone. The valves were in similar condition, though I have replaced a handful which had stiffened up with age and were producing an audible slap on closing.


I usually like to install new red felt bushes in the button-holes... but in this case I have resisted the temptation, because the original bushes still hold the buttons in a firm embrace, with no trace of a wobble.


In fact, my only interventions have been to replace the slightly shabby original straps, and to tune the instrument to modern concert pitch - and even that was not a major task, since it was tuned approximately 15 cents flat throughout, rather than the usual 50 cents sharp.


One more thing. When I first took an end off this instrument, I was astonished to find it had brass reeds. Astonished, because in terms of volume and response, it is the equal of any steel-reeded Aeola that has ever passed through my hands. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.


I'm asking £3250 for this one. And as always, if you're within striking distance of Norwich, you're more than welcome to come and have a squeeze.





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I have a brass-reeded Aeola TT which I use for song accompaniment.


I used to use it for playing Nordic dance music but TBH the reeds quickly went out of tune.  Now it awaits being retuned to 1/4 comma meantone.

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