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Concertina recognition request

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Hello - I am a new concertina owner, having inherited two from an elderly friend who recently passed away. He was never much of a player, only a collector, and he left me the following two Lachernal and Co. concertinas along with many other items. Unfortunately, I know essentially zero about concertinas. I was wondering if the good people of this forum might help me with identifying, dating, valuing and otherwise commenting on the two I now own please? I am not sure what to do with them, whether they are fit for playing, selling, repairing, keeping to collect, etc. In my mind I refer to them as "the mahogany one" and "the black one" but I don't know what the materials might be exactly. Any views or expertise would be very welcome please. Thank you in advance. 




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They appear to both be Lachenal 48 button english concertinas. The first one (to me) appears to be a lower grade. The second is (what I would judge) a mid grade.


Depending on where you are. It would be best to get these into the hands of a repair person to go over them and give you an idea of condition, quality, repairs needed and a ball park on value.


If you are in the UK youhave a lot more options than elsewhere. Chris Algar and Theo Gibbs seem to be the accepted "go to" people in the UK.


It is impossible to put a $$ on something without knowing condition and playability.


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The second concertina, with metal buttons, appears to have had work done recently.  The red felt bushes round the buttons look new, and the thumbstraps look fairly new too, and looking through the fretwork I can see new looking pads.  It is quite likely to have had a recent full overhaul.


The other one is a lower quality instrument and appears to be unrestored.

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