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Air tight: how important?

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On 4/5/2023 at 2:29 PM, Stephen Chambers said:

But personally I don't believe in drop-testing of concertina bellows because the heavy weight of the dropping end is creating a not-inconsiderable vacuum inside the concertina that's potentially harmful to delicate glued structures of thin leather, felt, fabric, and cardboard.

I would have thought (but don't know) that the pressure from letting one hang would be far less than the pressure & vacuum created during playing, even if you had a button pressed during playing.

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I purchased a Phoenix as well. The drop test takes about 10’ seconds to go to full extension. McNeela Music said that’s normal and consistent with the others. The leaks are through the pads, not the bellows. I’ve already ordered a custom built concertina that I expect to recieve next Summer. In the meantime, my Phoenix will teach me to play. I’m already getting better at using the air button. Happy playing!

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