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It’s not in the concertina family, but the harpejji seems to me like a near cousin

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I just stumbled on an amazing instrument that I had never heard before, 

the Harpejji.


Listen to Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) on Harpejji G16 by Mathieu Terrade.





Oh, if I only had another lifetime. This would be worth persuing.

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Fantastic instrument. Our trombone player has pretty much switched to Harpejji, playing it mostly as an electric bass.   And he's using it to compose new tunes; we've played a couple of his new tunes at contras this year.   Also an outstanding instrument for those with hand / finger issues; very little stress on the joints.

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kinda neat. But,for better or worse it's still just a guitar.. Given the pattern layout of the icons, it looks like changing tunings is not practical, unless you can change the "icons" on the fretboard. Watching a few videos, I have not seen an example of being able to get a bass line plus melody (like a keyboard). or being able to play complex chords plus a melody. And I think going "down" the neck to get higher pitches would drive me insane.



I have been playing around with this a bit. And it's nice that it has a lot of range, is a different approach, and it does not sound like a guitar.




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It is basically a guitar version of a Janko piano layout, with just a slight skew of the unisons line. This layout is very straightforward to play on for Hayden player. I've recently designed a 3D printable piano-to-Janko conversion set for M-Audio digital piano, and I think I might look into expanding to Harpeji next :)

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