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If you liked World Concertina Day, join the ICA (or re-join or renew)!

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If you enjoyed World Concertina Day last year and this year, consider joining the International Concertina Association, which organized it!  Membership goes with the calendar year, so joining now will cover your membership dues through the end of 2023.  Members receive the quarterly Concertina World magazine and its music supplement, which will be mailed to you in paper or PDF form depending on your preference.  You'll also have access to the members-only portions of the ICA website as well as the ICA library of concertina music.  Most important, you'll be a part of the only international concertina organization, still going strong more than 70 years after its founding!  In addition to World Concertina Day, you'll be supporting initiatives like Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne's concertinas in schools project.

To join or re-join or renew (if you're a member who has not yet renewed for this year) go to the ICA membership page at https://concertina.org/membership .   For more information about ICA, look around the website at https://concertina.org .  Members who join or renew now and choose to receive Concertina World in paper will receive all the issues for 2023.  That won't be the case if you wait much longer.   
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I'm following up on my post because the first 2023 issue of Concertina World will be coming out fairly soon, so if you're thinking of joining or renewing or re-joining, consider doing it now at https://concertina.org/membership .



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