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Alumininium ends on a Lachenal Anglo

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Here's something I've never seen before - someone has replaced the ends of a Lachenal Anglo with some made of cast aluminium.  Whilst on the face of it it might perhaps have seemed a good solution if the existing ends were damaged - it has made it feel a little heavier.  


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22 hours ago, alex_holden said:

It kind of looks like they took an impression from a wooden upper action box, so the metal is a lot thicker than it really needed to be.

I guess that if the weight was a problem you stick the end on a milling machine and machine over half of the metal away, with no degredation in performance.

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Yes it definitely felt a little heavier than the norm and could perhaps benefit from a little milling/ thinning.  I still can't believe that it was sold as silver painted mahogany ends.  Well - that's Ebay for you!

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