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Notes below the bass clef

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Trying to play a couple of soloduet's arrangements but I am using a 67 button Maccann duet whose lowest note is the bottom of the bass clef.  I know that an 81 button duet will dip below the bass clef.  Are there other concertinas (other than bass concertinas) that go as low as the C below the bass clef?  Thanks for your help.

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Today I downloaded Soloduet’s arrangement of the Bach piece he calls “Air on the G Chord” (perhaps this is the same music you’re working on). Listening carefully to the video, it is clear he is playing the left hand part up an octave. The 2nd note in the bass line is the same G he’s playing with the right hand. Later, in bar 11, the B in the left hand part is higher than the notes in the right hand part. Didie’s Beaumont concertina has only 52 buttons (“only!” — mine has 46).


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