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Strange and unique miniatures for sale.

Doug Barr

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Well, the box they are in has a label inside the lid marked :-


TONI & TINA, 140 Findon St, Sheffield.


A quick Google takes us to The Concertina Museum and a selection of photos of the duo with some of their instruments.



From 'Papers of The International Concertina Association; Vol 9, 2012' here;




An article titled ' Miniature and Semi-Miniature Concertinas' has the following information


"Toni & Tina" (sometimes bill as "Tina and Nita") was the musical variety act of Edward and "Tina" Potts, who performed on miniature, small,7 8 and regular-size English and Maccann duet concertinas, as well as on the xylophone. They previously performed in "The Concercordions and Nita," a concertina-accordion-xylophone act led by Edward's father, concertinist G. W. Potts (see Fig.A2.7).7<?


Some of the concertinas have the name plate G.W.POTTS on them, which of course must be his father.





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On 3/4/2023 at 10:46 PM, Anglogeezertoo said:

TONI & TINA, 140 Findon St, Sheffield.


Well, I know a Toni and Tina, but they're a Danish couple, and neither plays the concertina.  8^)

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I visited Toni & Tina in the early 1970's after they had retired and have a few of their publicity photographs. I  lnow live near Sheffield and Findon Street is not far from my home and I regularly pass it. Before they performed as "Toni & Tina" they were "The Concercordians" lead by father Potts. The finale of the act of Toni & Tina was to come onto the stage from opposite ends playing the "Bells of St Marys" on 3/4 size concertina with fairy lights inside the fretwork powered by batteries so the wires went up their sleeves and were secreted in their costumes.


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I think YOU should buy them all, and bring them to the Scots Club in Kearny to perform at the next Robert Burns Dinner!(you were conspicuous by your, and your family's absence the past two years, and greatly missed were you!)



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