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WTB a fixer upper/poor condition anglo concertina

Surly Boy

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I have a 20 key Lachenal in need of complete restoration.  Bone buttons.  Bought it from a local charity shop but I play English, Whereabouts in the world are you?


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Then there is this!  If you wanted an anglo, that is.



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Wow, a Jeffries knockoff.  Were those common?  I don't remember reading about them in the big article on the firm.  And the stamps they used always looked quality, unlike the merely functional one seen here, aside from too many folds in the bellows.  Still...being a copy of everyone's favorite company will it only sell for £2k or something?  🙄



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The vendor sent me some additional pictures which - to my eyes at least - confirm that the base instrument is a Lachenal with their typical gate and lever action rather than a riveted lever.  The stamp on the fretted ends looks like the C Jeffries font, but the ends themselves aren't as finely detailed as you'd expect from a C Jeffries.


Restored, it might be worth what a typical 30 key Lachenal would be, but the vendor didn't tell me (or didn't know) what keys the instrument is in


Alex West

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