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Looking for Ornamentation Resources

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Hello hello this is my first post on this here forum. I want to get an idea of what ornamentation (in particular for irish trad music) looks like on concertina. I have some experience on the whistle but anyway I was just wondering if there are particular videos/books/general advice about for concertina. I played around a tiny bit but wasn't really getting anywhere. Thanks! 

Edit: completely forgot, I'm working with a 20b C/G anglo here, but 30b specific stuff is still welcome; I'm pretty experienced with a few other instruments and can probably work something out with it!

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You could do worse than to look at Volume 1 of Breathnach's Ceol Rince na hEireann at the pages showing ornaments on different instruments. The text is written in Irish in my copy, but easy enough to sort out. Where it shows a cran on low D for pipes it shows the ornament (would I call it a roll? A grace note? I don't know) as I've heard it done on accordion and concertina. There is much more info out there but that might get you started. Have fun!



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The text is written in Irish in my copy, but easy enough to sort out.

 A translation of all text in CRE, by Paul de Grae, is online here. Breathnach does not give ornamentation for the concertina so perhaps a different source would suit better.


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I would say that referring to a general music book could help out; a basic book on music theory will show some examples of ' trills' or grace notes that may help you.

You may find that some effects are easy on Anglo concertina, and others more tricky; so also make up your own methods too.. for example quickly working the bellows can add a vibrato effect, and also .. dextrous  use of fingers on buttons can create the trills' ..

I imagine that a lot of performers use their own individual approach, rather than one fixed method.

So have a go.. start doing it your own way.. 



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The book "The Anglo Concertina Handbook of tunes and methods For Irish Traditional Music" written by Frank Edgley in 2001 has several pages devoted to ornaments (he called embellishments). It may be of interest to you.

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