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Stagi 18 button concertina

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I recently obtained a Stagi 18 button concertina. I can't find much about the instrument. I was wondering what key it is in and what sheet music is compatible. I'm new to the concertina community so any info will help. Thanks!

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Is it one of these?


If so it's a miniature English. The problem with miniature concertinas is they have quite a limited range and don't have all the accidental notes, so you need to carefully pick/transpose tunes to fit it.


There are some previous topics on the forum discussing this model, e.g.


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What a curious little thing this 18 key one is. I would agree that you may well have to find music that may fit its ( possibly) more limited range.

And actually it is often surprising how many tunes can fit in basic keys, even with little adjustments. Although it is a skill in itself to do this. If you can indicate its actual notes on a page, or chart,  it may be helpful.

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I have one which I love but it is limited. I think it's designed as a busker instrument--small, easy to carry around.


It's chromatic, so you can play a lot of keys, but, as noted, has limited accidentals. I also find that, because it's small, it's hard to play for as long as a full-sized instrument. The hands cramp.


But it is very loud and a lot of fun.

Mike concertina1.jpg

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