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George Case English Treble

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Does this one Strike any Chords ???

I have a George Case English treble concertina Serial No. 2335. It is numbered on both reed pans and action boxes. The instrument is ebony ended, double chambered reed pans, metal capped keys, steel tongues in brass reed frames. It is fitted with six fold bellows, but I'm sure these are not original. From what I have read it is probably 1859/60. It is in poor condition, but my project. There are a couple of Salvation Army references on it, a label stuck inside the box lid, and a reference inside to the SA Adjutant who, I believe played it in 1948. 

A long shot  - but does anybody recognise it? Any help/thoughts appreciated. 

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Hi David,

Sorry for delay in replying. Enclosed photo's.

Something I should have mentioned is that the concertina does not have it's reed pan baffle boards.  I suspect they were probably the loose type. 

Also, the Salvation Army are helping me look into it's army life.






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Good luck with the Sally Army. I can tell you that the thumb straps are in the wrong place for a treble, certainly the one that is shown on the picture. The RH strap should be on the centreline of the 'D' note, and the LH strap on the centreline of the 'C' note. The RH side strap does look as if it has been moved, for one reason or another.



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On 2/18/2023 at 6:16 PM, Alan.W said:

I was rather hoping that someone might have recognised it.


I might guess that most (all?) of those who have seen it when it was in use have passed away.

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