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Old Pal Concertina Weekend, East Texas, March 23-25


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Fellow concertina players –


I’m really looking forward to being back at the Old Pal Concertina Weekend this year, it was so nice seeing everyone last year after a break of way too many years.


I’ll be doing a couple of workshops for playing the Anglo in the harmonic style (more than just single notes), helping you find the best chords and accompaniments for playing or singing. Depending on skill levels, we’ll either tackle something simple and give it a good working over, or maybe we’ll try something more daring (like the SCANDAL song from last year). I'll send out music in the next few days to those who are signed up.


Dan Worrall and Jarrett Branch will hold two workshops for Irish Anglo in the north Clare style, showing off their new book about Chris Droney (Ann Kirrane’s late father). It will be a first look at this book; the official launch is in Ennis, Co. Clare three weeks after Palestine.


Dan and I will also do a workshop for EC players, once again depending on how many beginners.


And back by popular demand we’ll do a sea shanty workshop for all concertinas of all types to join in on, with easy choruses for all to sing along heartily.


Rollston Press (www.rollstonpress.com) has published a couple of new concertina books this past year: Anglo Concertina from Beginner to Master by Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne and The Anglo Concertina Music of Phil Ham. Cohen is a brilliant young performer out of England doing amazing things on the Anglo, and Phil was one of the first to really explore the harmonic capabilities of the Anglo back in the 1960’s, inspiring both John Kirkpatrick and John Watcham.


I’ll also be bringing other books like Easy Anglo 1-2-3, and 75 Irish Session Tunes for Anglo Concertina, plus Pirate Songs for Concertina, Sailor Songs for ConcertinaCowboy Concertina, and of course the new Chris Droney book. Special $10 each prices for all concertina attendees – the same books at the festival sales table will be $15. But you need to let me know in advance if you can since I’ll be bringing them with me from Honolulu. Also, if you let us know you are coming we’ll send you, gratis, the workshop tunes in advance.


The date? March 23-25 in Palestine, Texas, on the campus of the big First Baptist Church, 5700 North Loop 256. www.oldpalmusic.com.


Even if you are brand new to the concertina, this is a great way to meet other players and see other instruments. 


And yes, there will be lots of oldtime music and East Texas BBQ. Hope to see you there!




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