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Edgley Professional, C/G

Bill N

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I am selling this for an elderly friend who is downsizing.  She only used it for song accompaniment, and it is in immaculate condition.


This is Frank Edgley's  top quality hybrid model with angled reed pans.  It's tuned C/G with the 3rd row in the Jeffries layout (C# on both push and pull) so ideal for Irish Trad tunes.


It is nicely air tight, and the action is smooth, light and fast.  The reeds respond quickly and evenly from low to high, and there is nice balance between the ends.  It's a fast and lively player with good dynamic range from soft to loud, and would be excellent for sessions.


Barb has small hands, and the straps are trimmed as such.  I have a new set coming from Frank, and will include them.


The only negative is that it does not come with a hard case, so I have reduced the price accordingly.  A soft case is included, and it will be well packed for shipping.


$1900 obo plus postage.









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I will buy it!  Just let me know how you want to handle the sale, and what postage to Clayton, GA would be.  You don't see used Edgley's very often, and this is exactly what I was looking for.  




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