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36-key Lachenal rosewood Anglo in C/G

david robertson

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This is a late Lachenal (the Erinoid buttons weren't introduced until the late 20's, so we can assume it was produced in the last few years before the company ceased trading).


The extra buttons, by the way, are all useful, useable notes, with none of the silly whistles and squeakers that infest many bigger Lachenal Anglo's.


It also, unusually, has all-black 7-fold bellows, which I'm pretty sure are original. In any case, the instrument has obviously not led a hard life. I'm guessing that someone bought it around 1930, spent several months trying to master it, and then decided he had better stick with the tambourine after all.


The rosewood ends are undamaged - my only intervention in that department has been to ream out and bush the button-holes - and the reeds are exceptionally clean and rust-free.

With new pads, valves, dampers, bushes and straps, and tuned to modern concert pitch, it is fast, loud and agile, and a good deal more versatile than a standard 30-key.


Price: £1850





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