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We're talking Anglo here, right?


Quite the range: G3 to A6 if I'm reading that right. And I might not be - that's more ledger lines than I ever deal with.


While it does have the 32nd notes that Simon pointed out, the tempo doesn't have to be crazy. I don't think the challenge there is going to be the speed so much as the smoothness. I'd want to minimize bellows changes in those parts, and I might try dropping or substituting notes to support that, so long as it still evoked the same general feeling.


The other obvious snag is (again, if I'm reading it right) the G#6 right at the end - that note doesn't exist on a 30-button C/G. You could probably transpose the whole thing down two or three semitones to get around that, although that might make other parts more interesting to play.


It does look challenging, but that just means more fun, right?

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